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Next-generation DNA
making biomanufacturing easier

At Tailwind Biotech we are revolutionizing the way biotechnologists will approach DNA design.


Our AI technology designs synthetic DNA sequences that boost gene expression while removing trial & error from the equation, for unparalleled biologic production performances in all the host organisms used in industry. We make your DNA design activities faster, more precise and more productive, so that you can focus on everything else.


'Synthetic DNA' means artificial DNA molecules engineered based on advanced DNA sequence modelling. Synthetic DNA molecules are identical to native (natural) DNA but can be designed ad-hoc to feature specific characteristics.

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Best-in-class DNA promoters designed to immediately help increase the output of any bioproduction, leading to a higher quantity of end-product to sell.
Biotech-based companies upgrading to these synthetic promoter designs can immediately start to fulfill the real potential of their biomanufacturing activities, obtaining higher yields 
while removing lengthy trial & error activities from their strain development activities.

Performance examples can be seen below, where our AI-powered promoters increase protein levels when compared to their strong native promoter counterparts in Aspergillus and Komagataella, organisms used widely to produce ingredients for the pharmaceutical, FMCG, textile and other industries:

Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus nidulans

Aspergillus aculeatus

Komagataella phaffii

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 16.06.06.png

Strong native DNA promoters

AI-powered DNA promoters

more output vs
strong native promoter


Up to

AI powered DNA sequence


DNA Promoter designs

Optimized DNA terminators designed by our AI technology to significantly outperform all the commonly used native terminators in terms of gene expression in any bioproduction.

Biotech-based companies upgrading to these DNA terminator designs can rapidly achieve more effective genetic engineering processes while reducing their DNA-development costs and timelines. This generates more sales and leads to increased control over resource consumption during fermentation or cultivation, for a quick positive impact on the bottom line. 

These DNA sequence designs are specific to a particular host organism species.

AI powered DNA sequence
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DNA Terminator designs

Our AI technology can seamlessly improve gene expression beyond the level of transcription through improved translation efficiency achieved by our host-specific codon optimization technology.

Biotech-based companies leveraging AI-powered gene codon optimization can unleash the full power of their strain engineering,
 increasing bioproduction output yields in record time while reducing their development costs

Lab equipment
AI powered DNA


Gene codon optimization

End-to-end strain engineering consulting services designed to help biotech companies across different industries realize the true potential of their biomanufacturing activities.


We support our customers in solving a diverse array of gene expression challenges by leveraging our proprietary AI-powered DNA design technology, which leads to best-in-class gene expression increases in both Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic host organisms.


With this offering we partner with you to jointly understand what can be improved in your strain development, and apply our Machine Learning algorithm to develop novel DNA design approaches that are customized to your specific bioproduction needs.


Get in contact with us for a non-binding exploratory talk.



Strain engineering consulting

Abstract data flow


Increased bioproduction output

Higher production effectiveness

Significantly increased gene expression levels achieved while preserving the genetic stability needed for high-quality biomanufacturing.

Increased bioproduction efficiency

Improved production efficiency

Best-in-class DNA designs obtained quickly without undergoing lengthy/costly

trial & error DNA development activities.

Smart DNA

Plug & play technology

AI-powered synthetic DNA designs that fit all standard DNA synthesis methodologies used in the market across industries.

Universally applicable DNA

Universal applicability

Optimised DNA sequence designs that function well in all the production host organisms most used across industries.

Confidential DNA data

Preserved confidentiality

Our customers are not necessarily required to share confidential genetic data with us. Get your DNA sequences while keeping your trade secrets secure.

Patentable DNA

Patentability of DNA strings 

Novel DNA sequences that do not exist in nature and can be protected as intellectual property.


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1. Technical discussion

We talk with the customer about their biomanufacturing technology, identifying their DNA strain needs and agreeing on the deliverables.

No disclosure of any confidential genetic data is necessary on the customer's side. We can work with biotech-based companies located all over the world.

AI-powered DNA sequnece design

2. DNA sequence design

We use our AI technology internally to design DNA sequences that are optimized to boost gene expression in the customer's bioproduction environment. We then test the sequences in our labs to ensure that performance standards are met.

Service delivery

3. DNA sequence delivery

After successful testing, the optimized DNA sequences are delivered to the customer. The customer can now introduce them in their own biomanufacturing environment to start increasing their ouput. 


4. Follow-up discussion

After service delivery we meet the customer to discuss the performance of the DNA sequences and uncover further genetic engineering improvement needs that they may have.

Ready to take your genetic engineering
to new heights?

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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