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Who we are

Tailwind Biotech was founded in 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark by a team of bioscientists, biotechnology experts and software engineers who shared a deep passion for Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence, and firmly believed in the innovative potential of the combination of these fields.

Our AI technology designs smart synthetic DNA sequences that take our customers' genetic engineering processes to higher standards, helping them obtain more effective and more efficient bioproduction activities. 

We are driven by a shared vision of a future where Synthetic Biology enables groundbreaking solutions to some of humanity's most pressing challenges. We believe that by leveraging the power of AI and synthetic DNA technology, we can accelerate advancements in healthcare, agriculture, sustainable energy and beyond.


Mirko Ceriani

Mirko Ceriani
Chief Executive Officer

Business developer with more than
12 years of experience gained in commercial strategy and product management positions within the biotech, pharmaceutical and tech industries.

Lorenzo Carvelli

Lorenzo Carvelli
Chief Technology Officer

Software engineer with deep expertise in mathematical modelling and algorithm development gained through extensive work in the biotech, pharmaceutical and tech industries, and as a researcher at Stanford University.

Christopher Workman

Christopher Workman, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Bioinformatician & biotechnologist with over two decades of academic and industrial experience in gene regulation research, gene expression analysis and DNA sequence modelling.

Henrik Toft Simonsen

Prof. Henrik Toft Simonsen, PhD
VP of Business Development

Biotechnologist with more than 20 years of academic and entrepreneurial experience in the fields of heterologous enzymes expression, DNA parts development and biochemical investigations.

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Backed by the best innovation investors
and research institutions in our country.

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